Welcome to the official website of the Rice Queer Resource Center!

The mission of the QRC is to promote queer visibility, support, and advocacy on and around the Rice University campus.

  • Visibility: Provide a physical safe space that raises awareness of our presence on campus.
  • Support: Dynamically meet the needs of the community through programming, resources, and education.
  • Advocacy: Promote policies and programs that seek to recognize all experiences and celebrate
    all identities relating to gender and sexuality at Rice and beyond.

On this website you’ll find information about the QRC like who we are, where we’re located, how we got started, and how we’re organized. You can also check out our committees page to find out what projects the QRC is working on. You’ll also find information about the other queer-focused clubs on campus and some pertinent other resources that have either partnered with or have similar interests as the QRC. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’d love for you to get involved today!